Reducing Reoffending

What we do:

  • Work closely with the police to target those people who commit the most offences in Newcastle to break the cycle of offending.
  • Run the Step Change Programme for all offenders leaving prison to monitor and disrupt criminal behaviour, provide services to support rehabilitation and encourage good behaviour.
  • Support the Dedicated Drug Court at Newcastle Magistrates Court to ensure offenders are sentenced and monitored by a specialist bench of magistrates.
  • Focus on prolific shoplifters through our Spotlight on Shoplifting Initiative.
  • Support the Changing Trax Family Intervention Projects, working with offenders who use drugs and their families, as children of offenders are more likely to become offenders themselves. 
  • Take Communit Payback into more areas of Newcastle, giving offenders a chance to 'pay back' by doing work which helps local neighbourhoods, for example clearing snow and ice. 

For help and advice:

  • Please contact Jan Kelly, Reducing Re-offending and Anti Social Behaviour Co-ordinator, 0191 277 7854 or email