City Centre

What we do:

  • Safe Newcastle’s City Centre Co-ordination Group pulls together partnership activity to address issues related to the day time and night time economies in the city centre. 
  • Work around tackling shop lifting, street drinking and begging and campaigns to help revellers stay safe when on a night out. 
  • Provide a Safe Haven for people who might be feeling vulnerable during the evening when they might have become separated from their friends, lost their mobile or maybe feeling the effects of alcohol and need a safe space to sober up before making their onward travel to home.

For help and advice:

  • Northumbria Police (non-emergencies): 03456 043 043 (in emergencies phone 999).
  • Envirocall (environmental problems – including fly-tipping, litter, graffiti): 0191 274 4000.
  • Victim Support for victims of domestic violence and sexual violence on 0191 283 5183
  • NightWatch (night time noise service), Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights - 7pm to 4am. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7pm to 1.30am. Call 0191 278 7878, 07812 975 246 or email