What we do:

  • Put in place activities and support to prevent alcohol misuse and provide services to people and families who have problems with alcohol.

  • Run a good practice accreditation scheme that rewards the pubs, bars and clubs in Newcastle that are striving to reduce alcohol related disorder and promote responsible drinking

  • Deliver the Safe Haven programme to support vulnerable individuals having a night out. This includes training for door staff, police, hotel staff, British Transport Police and Street Pastors. The programme will include a place of safety for vulnerable persons with emergency care for victims of assault, sexual assault, rape or domestic abuse.  The site will also provide medical care for those affected by alcohol or drugs and advice/ referral to an appropriate agency. The site will provide a safe place to ensure individuals get home safely as they wait for friends and family or a taxi.

  • Support the Street Pastors, volunteers that help people who become vulnerable on a night out in the city centre.

  • Coordinate Alcoholwatch, working with off licences so the police and Council can identify if stores have sold alcohol to people who are underage.

  • Work with Newcastle PROPS to offer support to families and carers of people affected by alcohol.

  • Continue to support the Newcastle User and Carer Forum, giving people who are affected by alcohol involvement in decisions and access to support and advice.

  • Encourage people who have been arrested for being Drunk and Disorderly to pay for and attend an Alcohol Behaviour Change Course aimed at promoting a healthier use of alcohol.

For help and advice phone:

  • D’n’A Services for Young People: 08000 730 470 / text 0762 480 9620 if you are under 18 and want information about drink or drugs.

  • Newcastle PROPS: 0191 226 3440 provide support and advice to the families and carers of drug and alcohol users.

  • Northumberland and Tyne and Wear Mental Health Trust: 0191 206 1100 for specialist drug and alcohol treatment.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): 0845 769 7555.