Buying in book

Safe Newcastle has launched a new initiative to crack down on selling stolen goods.

A pilot scheme has been launched in the west end of Newcastle to help shop owners to record all second hand goods taken in, providing evidence for the police and discouraging receiving and selling on stolen goods.

The scheme includes a newly designed buying in book that shop owners use to record any second hand goods they receive. It standardises the information that shop keepers ask for and includes approved forms of ID. 

The books are handed out by the police and checked on a weekly basis. This means the police are able to help the shops understand what information they need to get and that it is recorded correctly. It also makes it easier for police to identify shops not keeping detailed records, and to recover stolen goods.

The pilot is supported by Safe Newcastle partners Northumbria Police and the City Councils Trading standards, and was developed by them in response to burglaries in the west end of the city that were targeting electrical goods. 

It also helps enforce the requirements of second hand dealers that are set out in the City of Newcastle Act 2000, which states that all second hand dealers must keep detailed records of goods bought.