About Us

Safe Newcastle is a partnership working together to help make Newcastle a safe city to live and work.

We are the city’s statutory community safety partnership and drug action team. Our partners come from the statutory, voluntary, community and business sectors, led by the six main authorities:

We work to create a safe Newcastle by tackling crime, alcohol, drugs, anti-social behaviour and their impact. By working together we will develop effective, sustainable solutions to local concerns, improve confidence and build stronger communities.

Our structure

We are led by the Safe Newcastle Board, which is made up of representatives from the statutory agencies listed above and also other organisations and representatives such as housing providers and the community and voluntary sector. The Board’s responsibility is to manage the work of Safe Newcastle and be accountable for budget. 

We also have a Performance Management and Resources Group that oversees the work being delivered by a number of delivery groups that specialise in a topic area such as domestic and sexual violence, anti-social behaviour and city centre.

We work closely with Northumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Vera Baird to deliver shared priorities relating to crime and community safety, to find out more about the PCC click here.

Below are the five main things we want to achieve, with a few examples of how we will do this, for further information on what we are doing click here to see our full plan.

We want you to feel safe in your neighbourhood.

How we will do this:

  • We’ll keep you better informed about our work in your local neighbourhood and give you more chances to get involved.
  • We’ll work with young people across the city to help them sort out any conflict they may face.

We want to make sure you are not harmed by crime, alcohol or drugs.

How we will do this:

  • We’ll work with Newcastle PROPS (Positive Response to Overcoming Problems of Substance misuse), supporting over 170 families of people who misuse alcohol and drugs.
  • We’ll support the Street Pastors; volunteers helping to reduce alcohol-related violence on Friday and Saturday nights in the city centre.
  • We'll continue to have marshalled taxi ranks in the city centre at busy times to make sure you are on your journey home quickly and safely.
  • We’ll make sure any drug-related litter is removed quickly and safely.

We want people to be law-abiding and to stop offenders from committing further crimes.

How we will do this:

  • We'll provide specialist support to help prevent people offending again.
  • We'll get more treatment for offenders with alcohol problems to reduce alcohol related crime. 
  • We'll take Community Payback into more areas of Newcastle, giving offenders a chance to 'pay back' by doing work which helps local neighbourhoods.

We want to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

How we will do this:

  • We’ll work with Barnardo’s North East to change the behaviour of people who commit domestic violence, as well as supporting their partners and children.
  • We’ll use our network of CCTV cameras to reduce crimes like burglary, shop lifting and theft.
  • We'll help people who are suffering from anti-social behaviour by making it clear what support they can expect from us.

We want to create positive futures for young people in Newcastle.

How we will do this:

  • We’ll work with schools and young people on a programme to stop bullying.
  • We’ll make sure young people have enough things to do so they don’t get involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • We’ll help young offenders to understand the effects on their victim and do something to make amends. For example in Newcastle young offenders have worked with the Environment Agency to clear waterways.

Newcastle is a very safe city in comparison to other cities of its size and Safe Newcastle’s work will make sure this continues.